This chart maps cinema zooms' focal lengths against their speed. It features Super 35 and larger format lenses, though does not make any distinction between different image circles. Anamorphic lenses are not included.

Whilst this chart is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive. Though it covers the majority of modern cinema zooms, not all could be included. Some are omitted intentionally - if a lens has the exact same focal length and aperture as another, for instance. Notable lenses that have been excluded for this reason are: Angenieux Optimo 24-290, Cooke CXX, Sony 11-16, Panavision Primo PZW, PCZ, and Z5S.

How To Use This Chart

Hover over any point to highlight and show the manufacturer, name, focal length and aperture.
Click and drag to pan around the chart. To zoom, use your mouse wheel or a two-finger pinch/squeeze.
The range slider below the chart shows a thumbnail of the full chart. You can also use use the handles to zoom in and out, plus scroll left and right.

The chart is best viewed on a desktop/laptop rather than mobile devices, or at the very least, in landscape orientation.

Performance Notes

There are a number of features and improvements I wish to make to this chart, however many of which are currently not possible - this is down to inherent limitations of the graphing engine.

The speed and responsiveness of the chart is at present, slow. This is due to the number of points that must be checked when retrieving the corresponding data every time a point is hovered over. At present, there isn't a more efficient way to do this. Please be patient with the chart!

I have also disabled a feature in which the highlighted point is brought to the front, as this has a significant impact on the chart's speed. Therefore some points will remain behind others, even when highlighted.