Supernova 2016
Supernova International Science Fiction Film Festival

Science fiction fans got the chance to see Last Man on Earth at the international film fest Supernova this past weekend, ahead of it's cast and crew premier.

In an exclusive showing on Saturday, Last Man on Earth was screened alongside five other excellent science fiction shorts at the Odeon Printworks in Manchester on one of the UK's largest cinema screens. In addition to 90 minutes of short films, Supernova Sci-Fi film festival also showcased both classic and modern sci-fi, including 2001: A Space Odyssey and Interstellar.

Last Man on Earth is a 'pre-apocalypse' science fiction thriller, starring Nicole Gaskell and the sixth Doctor Who, Colin Baker. Cast and crew can look forward to a private premier in the very near future, plus Last Man on Earth will be screened at a number of other festivals and comic-cons throughout the year, some of which will be attended by Colin Baker himself.

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