In May I was invited by director Chris Cronin to shoot a little film with him called Skye. It's a social drama with a sci-fi, superhero twist and was made to compete in the biggest film competition in the world, My Røde Reel.

Shot over two days with a small crew and and even smaller budget (we spent £100 on equipment hire), it felt like a proper indie, guerrilla shoot - something that myself and Chris haven't done in a while! We're much more acclimatised to spending months in pre-production, storyboarding, making shot lists, mood boards and days scouting locations. Due to the looming deadline plus cast and crew availability, much of this simply wasn't possible in the time frame we had. Also departing from our traditional style of filmmaking, almost the entire film was shot handheld (on the shoulder). This suited the film's gritty, British social drama style, plus allowed us to be more time efficient and flexible whilst on set.

Skye short film BTS
Most of the film was shot from the shoulder. Photo by Leanne Gater.

The runtime cap for My Røde Reel is 3 minutes. Unfortunately, Skye totalled around 5 minutes - and so we had to cut it down.

Skye was entered into My Røde Reel and we waited for the results to come in. There are many different awards and are announced staggered over the course of a week. Eight technical, eight genre, two miscellaneous (best female and young filmmaker awards) and three main awards - Behind The Scenes, People's Choice and the Judge's Choice.

Skye short film BTS
Director Chris Cronin on set of Skye. Photo by Leanne Gater.

As Røde is an Australian company; awards were announced midday AEST (Australian Eastern Time) - which is 2:AM in GMT. We were shocked to wake up the first day to discover not only had Skye won Best Acting, but was also a finalist for Best Cinematography and Best Sound Design too! As the week went by, Skye was also a finalist for both Best Drama and Best Behind-The-Scenes.

Whilst Skye didn't win Judge's Choice, it was again, a finalist - making it the only film in the competition to be shortlisted five times. The team are all thrilled with the film's overwhelmingly positive response and the fact that it was even noticed amongst the other 1223 fantastic films in the competition.

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