RED DSMC2 Unified
The RED DSMC2 product line has been 'unified' into one body and three sensor options. Photo:

Last night, RED announced some changes to their ever-evolving line up of cameras. It isn't a new camera or sensor this time, but rather, they've shrunk the number of cameras, sensors, names and prices.

RED's naming conventions have never been entirely straightforward. For years, people have been interchanging camera and sensor names or thinking they're all different models, referring to Scarlet-Ws as Scarlet-Weapons and so on. In a previous article about REDs, I explained that RED have a name for their different camera bodies and then another name for the various sensors. Not anymore! Starting today, and for the first time in nearly ten years, RED are now only offering one camera - the DSMC2 Brain - albeit with three different sensors - Monstro, Helium and Gemini. The Dragon sensor has finally been discontinued, and with it, the Scarlet-W and Raven cameras. Currently they are still available to purchase from their website, however are no longer listed in their official line-up.

The DSMC2 brain sports Weapon specs - meaning the Epic-W Gemini has been juiced up (higher maximum data rates) and the Weapon Monstro and Weapon Helium are unchanged. The Epic-W Helium has been dropped in place of the one Helium model with Weapon specs. So, to clear things up - there is now only the RED Monstro, Helium and Gemini. All with Weapon specs. The Weapon, Epic-W, Scarlet-W and Raven are no more.

One other change that has been implemented is that they're now made with an aluminium alloy rather than the previous magnesium alloy. Carbon fibre builds are available on request however.

Finally, the price has dropped across the board - the Gemini is now $5,000 cheaper than it was (back it's initial price when it was first announced as a limited run of 5), whilst the Weapon Helium and Monstro are a whopping $25,000 cheaper. The 'new' Helium is $25,000 cheaper than the Weapon Helium (with the same specs) and $5,000 cheaper than the Epic-W Helium (with better specs). Great for prospective buyers, maybe not so great for recent purchasers.

Full specs and more info can be found on RED's website.

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