Skye in My Røde Reel

7th July 2016Film Fests & Comps

In May I was invited by director Chris Cronin to shoot a little film with him called ‘Skye’. It’s a social drama with a sci-fi, superhero twist and was made to compete in the My Røde Reel competition.

Choosing and Adapting Zeiss Contax

20th June 2016Lenses

Vintage Zeiss Contax lenses can be repurposed for modern cinema use. This article goes into detail about these lenses and how to go about picking and adapting your lenses.

Affordable Cinema Lenses

27th May 2016Lenses

Some time ago now, I was in the market for a set of high quality lenses for cinema use and investigated the various offerings available.

Weird Science

6th May 2016Press

Digital Filmmaker Magazine interviews director Darren Langlands in a whopping six page article all about Last Man on Earth.

One Year With The Sony FS7

27th April 2016Cameras

It’s now been over a year that I’ve spent with Sony’s curvy camera, so what better time than to reflect on how it’s performed and how it fits in today’s ever changing market.