C300mkIII/C500mkII Essential Accessories

15th November 2020AKS, Cameras

As any filmmaker will know, the total cost of a camera is not just the body itself, but it will often require a number of additional purchases for the ideal setup. Let’s sum up what I think are the three best additions you can make to your C300mkIII or C500mkII.

Busting Speedbooster Myths

29th October 2020AKS, Lenses

I recently came across a discussion online about how a Speedbooster works. There was so much misinformation and conflicting statements that it compelled me to write this: I hope to dispel some of these mistruths and make clear what a speedbooster actually does.

IDX IPL and Imicro Review

25th February 2020AKS

Last week I got my hands on the brand new IPL and Imicro batteries from IDX to see how they compare to the other V-Lock batteries available.


5th December 2018AKS

Earlier this year I spent five whole days watching batteries drain and then recharge. It was so thrilling that I’ve decided to do it again; this time with industry favourites PAG and IDX.

Battle Of The Batteries

8th June 2018AKS

I compare a range of V-Mount batteries to see how well they perform in a ‘real world’ test. The basis of the test is simple – to see how long they can power a camera for, and how long they take to recharge.